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World Telemedia Marbella 2019

World Telemedia 2019 and its clients become the latest victim of a telephone scam!

By July 3, 2019January 12th, 2020No Comments
Telephone scam alert

If you receive a telemarketing call from someone claiming to be “World Telemedia Management”, please ignore them and let us know.

Thanks to the magic of Telecom2‘s fraud monitoring and prevention service, we were able to stop this scam in its tracks.

This company is not an authorised reseller for World Telemedia – Exhibition, Conference & Networking and they have not been instructed to offer discounts at hotels in the area. We only recommend the accommodation on our Venue Pages.

Luckily, Jarvis Todd and Annika micheli are familiar names and faces to our clients so when the person on the other end was unable to come up with these names, the game was up.

Hotel Booking forms and Event registration forms are online. >>> Visit page

Book at your leisure – we are not calling you!