Yuboto is a leading developer and provider of integrated cutting-edge mobile marketing services, advanced telecommunication solutions and VoIP telephony. In the mobile marketing sector, Yuboto leads the market with a wide range of mobile services such as SMS & MMS+ marketing, 2-Way SMS, Video Messages and Yuboto Email Account. Yuniverse and URLIT are two –in house – integrated mobile marketing platforms that hold significant European Innovation Awards & Praises. Advanced and multi awarded mobile platforms As regards the telecommunications, Yuboto has a significant presence with the innovative services Click2Call, Autodialer and VoIP telephony. Last but not least, mServices complete Yuboto’s portfolio with solutions like mCards, mCoupons, mTickets and mLoyalty. Yuboto is a licensed provider by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT), is a member of the Greek Association of electronic business (GreCA) and certified with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. Also Yuboto is a member of the Board of Directors at the Greek Institute of Customer Service (HICS). For more information, please visit www.yuboto.com.