Tony Coyne
CEO, Mobile Commerce & Other Media Ltd

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  • +44 (0) 203 167 3317

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Tony has worked in the telecoms and Telemedia industry for nearly 20 years and has held Senior roles, including been CEO of successful companies for the past 15 years.

He is now CEO of MCOM based in the UK which is the market leader of financially inclusive disbursement payments.

His experience has come from a retail and engineering background and so customer focus has always been his driving force and which he promotes and encourages in the telecoms industry.

He oversaw the development of a disbursement service built in 2008 directly for the Telemedia industry, MCOM Payout Service. He has expanded that to other market verticals with the consumer at the heart of the service. It now serves over 60% of the UK market dealing with the refunds, prizes and support payments of all in the value chain big or small. The service is now being expanded into other territories with the Telemedia industry at its forefront.

His worked with the EPA to help create a new Ministerial position in the 2017 election to include Financial Inclusion supported by all parties. He chaired Aimm’s “Consumer Journey” working group, which developed and launched a way the industry could have an effective ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ in the UK.

Consumer excellence either pre or post journey is essential in any company and has always been his mission throughout his entire career.