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Business: Billing & Payments, Carrier/Telco
Services: Bulk, Carrier Billing, Compliance, Messaging, SMS
Markets: Entertainment

Telecom2 continue to produce cutting edge telecommunication software such as the APEX Cloud Call Centre PABX, VeriMe – AV solution, Intelligent VoIP and PSTN call routing.

We are worldwide specialists in in/outbound telephony, global payment solutions intelligently hosted with an extensive portfolio of products and services

  • Premium, geographic, non-geographic and mobile numbers
  • International numbers
  • 118 DQ service
  • IVR
  • Outbound call management
  • Number porting
  • International Bulk SMS
  • Surf and Pay (IVR & web-based credit card solution)
  • Virtual network solution • Call Centre solutions (VoIP PBX)
  • Ready-made Interactive Services

User-friendly products and exceptional service.