Suzana Marcec
Head of International Sales, NTH Mobile,

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  • +41 78 700 1598

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Suzana is one of company’s leading experts in international sales management with 14 years of experience in telecommunications and 8 years in sales. The versatile perspective she provides a on the industry is derived from her experience and the deep understanding of mobile payments, mobile messaging, Value Added Services (VAS), mobile marketing and B2B sales. As Head of International Sales, Suzana leads the team of Sales Managers and is mainly responsible for opportunities’ assessment, sales consulting, cross and up-selling, and building strategic & long-term perspective partnerships.

NTH Mobile is leading global B2B mobile payment and messaging aggregator, part of NTH Group. With 18 years of experience in mobile industry, 70+ connected countries, 500+ satisfied clients and 300+ highly motivated professionals, NTH Group is covering the complete mobile business value chain. Besides mobile payment and messaging aggregation, the group offers end-to-end VAS solutions, professional Customer Care support and many other mobile payment revenue-enabling services.