International MNOs, media companies and technology manufactures use Strand Consult to develop new strategic processes. Years of experience help to simplify the most complicated challenges, visualize the possible options and give creative input. Strand Consult offer reports, seminars and workshop tailored to individual strategic and business needs:

TELCO REPORTS give specific answers to the question of how operators, retailers, handset manufactures can optimise business processes and future potential in a changing Telco market

MEDIA REPORTS help optimise media company’s market share where new technologies mean a convergence between media and other business sectors.

IT REPORTS focus on how to best move technical products through various distribution channels, both in the btb and btc market.

Strand Consult currently focus on six key areas; the market for Smartphones, MNOs and VAS, Mobile Broadband, Next Generation Prepaid Services and Digital Strategies fot the Telecom and Media Industry.