Steve Godman
Co-Founder and CEO, Soundmite,

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  • +44 (0) 7834 454877

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Steve has that rare but powerful ability to identify real-world commercial application and value,  with insightful clarity for best-fit digital synergies.  He has a unique vision of what can be, across the global mobile, social, audio space in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.
His exceptional journey through international senior level digital platform development and commercial mobile engagement, is a solid canvas, as he maps the path for what can be.

Soundmite is the world’s first 360 degree social audio messaging platform that allows brands, broadcasters, publishers, entertainment and sports to connect on a two-way basis with audiences and fans using the rich, emotional context of audio.
This could be the voice of a politician reaching out to voters in the dying hours of an election campaign, or the coach of the national football side urging its supporters to get behind the team. Soundmite is to voice what Twitter is to text, to audio what Instagram is to pictures.

Soundmite allows brands to embed highly sophisticated social audio technology into their own app/sites/widgets to rapidly deploy services which its audiences demand.