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Mobile Commerce & Other Media Ltd

Business: Billing & Payments, Consultant, Service Provider
Services: Carrier Billing
Markets: Retail

Mobile Commerce and Other Media Ltd are providers and consultants of mobile solutions with a head office based in the heart of London and offices in Manchester, serving businesses in the UK and worldwide. We offer: payment and billing solutions; data processing; marketing and campaign automation across SMS, email, mobile and web. Established in 2007 by Tony Coyne and Olly Wetzig, the company holds over 35 years of experience in the industry, delivering great results and client satisfaction over the eleven years of its operation

The dynamic nature of our business means we can move quickly in the fast-changing mobile industry. It is important to keep up to date and as close to the front line of industry progression as possible so our MD Tony Coyne co-chairs the “aimm Consumer Journey Working Group” and is very active in other aimm working groups as well as being active in the EPA Financial Inclusion Project. This enables us to be able to provide our clients with industry leading solutions at the cutting edge.

MCOM Payout Service

Mobile Commerce have one of the most popular consumer payment services in the mobile industry, MCOM Payout. MCOM Payout has a unique and long established relationship with the UK Post Office and is the winner of “Best Innovation in eCommerce Payment” and “Most Innovative Mobile Payment Service” awards. The MCOM Payout service is an established and reliable way for companies to pay their consumers cash via their mobile phone.  This could be refunds, prize winnings, social payments, staff wages or just general disbursements – whatever the need, the MCOM Payout service offers a quick, cost effective and convenient way to get money to consumers without needing to ask for bank details or address details.

We deliver our services through what we believe to be the best platform in the market with the benefit of multiple direct connections to all the UK mobile networks, unique to us.  This ensures we provide a superior service with multi-level fail over to safeguard your connectivity and provide robust routing.  Our forward thinking approach means that together we can push forward in a rapidly-expanding technology with confidence.

All of our services are turnkey and provided on a modular basis so our clients get a pick ‘n’ mix of the best solutions they need, either for L1 aggregators, L2 merchants, affiliate networks, charities and all other companies in between.

Come and see us at the Mobile Commerce lounge to see how we can make a difference to your operations and more importantly save you money!