MessageWhiz, the mobile messaging platform from MMDSmart the smart messaging pioneer, enables any organization to easily create, send and monitor SMS campaigns for promotional, transactional or notification messages. MessageWhiz’s intuitive user-friendly interface can be accessed from the dedicated messaging portal or MessageWhiz Smart Messaging API and seamlessly integrates with most CRM software or other customer data management systems.

While there are other messaging solutions which can send enterprise SMS messages, MessageWhiz is the only A2P messaging provider focused on optimizing for higher conversion rates and achieving the targeted result. It’s also the only enterprise messaging solution with performance-based billingmodels which align with current digital marketing processes.

The MessageWhiz platform includes unique features such as triggers which enables messages to be left pending until a special link initiates the sending process, 2-way messaging, CallBack and multi-channel messaging. Dedicated Messaging Specialists work with each enterprise to analyze their needs and create messaging campaigns designed for achieving business success.