Massimo Cristini
CEO, BlockFraud,

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Massimo Cristini is the CEO of US-based anti-fraud technology company, BlockFraud. Cristini holds more than two decades of telecom, IT and mobile industry experience spanning European, Asian and North American markets, and for the last seven years has focused almost exclusively on mobile carrier fraud prevention.

Prior to BlockFraud, Cristini was Vice President of Business Operations for international IT and telecommunications company, Infobip, where he led the Operator Partnerships global team, focusing on establishing long-term cooperation, A2P SMS monetization models and fraud prevention systems. Cristini has also held positions at telecom industry companies Compuware, Infovista and Lucent, among others.

About BlockFraud

BlockFraud Inc. is a US-based technology company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, that provides digital anti-fraud solutions to mobile carriers around the world. BlockFraud’s team of mobile billing experts and world-class developers have created proprietary software that eliminates today’s most pervasive forms of mobile carrier billing fraud. BlockFraud also offers a unique Monitoring Solution that instantaneously alerts carriers to any unauthorized auto-subscribing and auto-billing attempts