Managing Director, Empello

    Louise brings 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, of which more than 20 years have been in the mobile payments and messaging sector.

    Following her early years with Cable & Wireless and AT&T, Louise joined the nascent mobile payments industry in the UK back in 2001 and worked with a number of organisations in that space over subsequent years setting up their mobile payment operations and working with UK mobile operators.

    In 2010, Louise relocated to Australia with a 10-year stint as Chief Executive Officer of the Oxygen8 Group’s operations down under and honed her international experience, covering New Zealand and Singapore as well as Australia. During that time, she became a leading figure in the local industry as both Deputy Chair and Chair of the Aggregator and Carrier Working Groups for the Communications Alliance.

    On return to the UK in 2020, Louise undertook an interim role as the Director of Carrier Relations and Head of Technical Project Management with Kalerya working with mobile operators in both the UK and Europe.

    As Managing Director of Empello since 2021, Louise now brings her experience and expertise to the world of compliance and anti-fraud.