Leon Dijksman

Léon Dijksman

General Manager, 12Ca$h

    Léon Dijksman is General Manager of 12Ca$h, part of Telefuture Group. Telefuture is an international full-service provider for mobile and interactive value-added services. Founded in 1986, the company is seen as an innovation leader on the market and its full-managed service approach includes consulting, design, applications, content, billing, and technical implementation for optimal, multi-channel marketing campaign management.

    12Ca$h is the latest addition to the Telefuture Group. It connects top converting publishers with advertisers who have the most lucrative and exclusive affiliate offers online. Leon works for Telefuture Gorup since 2012 and has a 25 year background in various consulting and business development positions in (mobile) internet marketing, telecommunications, entertainment and the adult industry.

    He has gained an incredible knowledge of this industry, giving him all the tools he needs to fully understand the needs of advertisers and publishers and to deliver them a service that is undoubtedly beyond average. Are you an advertiser with exclusive offers or an affiliate with quality traffic? Talk to Léon or signup for a publisher account athttp://www.12cash.com/event/worldtelemedia.