Julia Shtyrlina
Business Development Director, MOBICO,

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  • +7 964 770 74 39

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During the last 8 years Julia has been working in the telecom industry, obtaining comprehensive experience in various mobile technologies, including PSMS, DCB, USSD, USSD NI, Bulk SMS, DSTK Push, ICB, OTA, Beacon etc. However, her personal interest and ambitions lie in the sphere of value-added services and mobile payments. She knows VAS industry from both merchant’s side and payment provider’s side having huge experience in preparing and approving mobile products with MNOs.

Being a Business Development Director of E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce Department in First Alternative Content Provider, Julia was in charge of processing mobile payments for hugest players on the Russian market: Dr.Web, Stream, Gameloft, Angry birds, Eurovision contest and others. With a special focus on partnership with international companies, Julia was the one to bring Direct Carrier Billing for Samsung’s app store in Russia and developed a business scheme of company’s presence on the Russian market on the behalf of their headquarter’s legal entity.

Nowadays Julia continues her career as a Business Development Director in international content-provider Mobico producing entertainment services for mobile operators and their subscribers.

  • Skype: julia.shtyrlina