Jason Kilby
Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Aragon Advertising,

Jason Kilby is co-founder and CRO of Aragon Advertising, a performance marketing company working with advertisers to develop their online marketing campaigns and reach their target audience across all digital channels. Aragon’s suite of offerings includes Facebook marketing, Google Adwords and Bing Ads search marketing, mobile app distribution, cross-platform display media buying and RTB, customized virtual currency distribution, and targeted email list marketing. 

Set up in May 2012, the founders bring over a decade’s experience of running global online campaigns for large brands, together with a history of finding the next ‘big thing’. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle large global campaigns, as well as working with new advertisers. We aim to help them through an accelerated learning curve, allowing them to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. We accomplish our clients’ goals through a deliberate and measured build-up of advertising spend, while assuring all placements and messaging maintain the highest degree of brand integrity.

Our approach to affiliate management is to build personal and transparent relationships. We believe strongly in creating valued partnerships with publishers based on shared interests and mutual growth over the long term. We put this into practice by focusing our creative, technical, and sales resources toward our publishers’ direct needs. Be it unique landing pages, creatives, private white labels, conversion funnels, or host and post campaigns, we put investment in our publishers first. Similarly, our business development efforts are focused on the verticals and traffic sources our affiliates excel in. We’ll actively be seeking out new advertisers that fit your business model and we have a high success rate in closing deals. At Aragon we understand that a network must facilitate the business of its affiliates.