James McAteer
CEO, Cosmik Ltd,

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  • http://cosmik-ltd.com/

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James has more than seventeen years of experience in the telecommunication and mobile Internet market. He is the CEO of Cosmik Ltd. and has premium selected clients across the globe. Cosmik has a unique model to promote and monetise products through his network which is successfully running and growing every day, their coverage is expanding regularly with the constant release of new countries and products. Cosmik Ltd optimizes delivery and traffic by country, network, carrier, OS, device, time, and even offers traffic recycling solutions. With a user-friendly dashboard, and a wide array of advanced tools, any publisher, advertiser or performance network can make money with more than 2.000 campaigns on multiple verticals such as Mobile Content, Pin Submits, Sweeps, Coupons & Vouchers, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dating, Games, Music and Videos. During his career he has rightly gained many laurels to his name through his immense experience in online marketing and sales. Thriving for opportunities and innovating ideas has always been James key forté. He carries a passion of entrepreneurship and a mindset on mobile industry with a twist which makes him, James McAteer.