Ian Kennedy-Compston photo
CEO, EnterpriseRed,

As CEO of this established Cybsesecurity company since 2013, EnterpriseRed is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s foremost, innovative organisations in providing advanced cybersecurity solutions to a broad customer base from smaller to enterprise customers. EnterpriseRed offer the full spectrum of solutions and services from a managed SIEM to automated PEN testing and everything in between.

As members of the MSSP Alliance and working in accordance with Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO-27001 standards, Ian has been the driving force to position market leading products that are solution led, offering the most advanced cybersecurity capabilities on the market.

Ian has driven EnterpriseRed’s team in gaining accreditation of 25 of the leading cybersecurity solutions, including Fortinet, Pcysys, BlackBerry software and many other leading products.

As Cybersecurity needs become more visible within organisations, with GDPR compliance being an initial driving force for change, the increasing threat of cybercrime demands a new approach to cybersecurity solution adoption, and adherence and accreditation to the latest standards.

Ian and his team’s work over the past few years has resulted in EnterpriseRed becoming a leading trusted advisor in the complex world of cybersecurity, bringing clarity where and when it is needed.