Globtel GmbH

Business: Aggregator, Content, Service Provider
Services: IPRN, IVR, PSMS, SMS, VAS, Voice
Markets: Competitions, Entertainment

is Voice, VAS and SMS aggregator and traffic provider and one of the international telecom companies that conduct business worldwide.  Our company has been founded by people with passion for seeking innovative solutions.

This connection of passion, innovation and more than ten years of experience allows us to deliver customized and highly profitable services, enabling access all around the world. 

Our solutions:

  • IPRN for Voice and SMSes,
  • National, Toll-Free, Personal and Geo numbers,
  • SMS and PSMS solutions,
  • VOIP Wholesale CLI & nonCLI termination and transit,
  • SMS Wholesale termination and transit,
  • IVR services,
  • Access Testing Tools,
  • Self-Service Numbers,
  • Active Calls,
  • Test Calls & Statistics,
  • Real Time Statistic,
  • Live Access Lists,
  • CDRs,
  • Quick Bank Wires.
Our priorities:
  • cooperation based on confidence and excellence,
  • the highest reachable quality level of provided services all the time,
  • bilateral profitable growth,
  • continuous growth of the level of our services accessibility.