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Business: Aggregator, Carrier/Telco, Platform/Tech, Service Provider
Services: Messaging

Glencloud Limited is an active player in the world of Value Added Services which covers everything beyond traditional voice termination consisting of the following aspects of multiple business options:

  1. Audio Text
  2. Local Premium Rate numbers
  3. International Premium Rate Numbers
  4. IVR Platforms
  5. Call Centres
  6. Promotional SMS Campaigns
  7. International & Domestic Premium Rate SMS
  8. International DID Numbers etc.
  9. Mobile Applications

Our biggest strength is our strategic partnership with some of the most well-known names in the world of wholesale & retail voice industry which enables us indirectly to spread our number ranges into the LCR of almost 90 Tier 1 operators across the world. Our partners collect worldwide retail and wholesale voice traffic from Americas, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Europe which increases our chances of collecting maximum domestic and international premium rate number traffic on our own as well as our partners number ranges.


  • Anuj Joshi
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  • Designation: Director – Business Development
  • Rohan Barot
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  • Designation: Director – Operations

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