Gillian Hughes
VP Corporate Sales, Veoo,

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A sales and communications specialist with a penchant for all things mobile, Gillian Hughes has been working at the leading edge of mobile, social and online entertainment for the past 15 years. Gillian is particularly passionate about the versatility and flexibility of SMS text messaging and far from viewing it as an outmoded means of communication, she believes that SMS is an intrinsic part of the mobile offering with widespread use and capabilities to enhance both marketing activities and an organisation’s brand equity.

This is one of the key reasons why Gillian joined dynamic messaging company, Veoo, as VP in September 2015 to launch its Corporate Sales division, focusing on bringing new and innovative products to the European market.

One of the most significant new products that Gillian has just introduced is Veoo’s revolutionary Mobile Wallet solution. Delivering the ultimate in convenience, the Mobile Wallet stores and creates offers, boarding passes, tickets, gifts, loyalty cards and mobile web pages, accessible via the mobile phone in a single integrated interface. In fact Gillian is a regular face on the speaker circuit, waxing lyrical about the opportunities that the Mobile Wallet presents to consumers, marketers and brands alike.

Prior to joining Veoo, Gillian was most recently at worldwide online social networking giant, Facebook. At Facebook, Gillian headed up the EMEA Real Money Gaming, Social Casino and Lottery Business, which is headquartered in Dublin. Gillian and her team were responsible for driving the growth of this vertical, helping clients achieve their key business objectives by driving awareness, reengagement or acquiring new customers on the Facebook platform. Before her time at Facebook, Gillian was the International Director of Digital Media Distribution for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), an integrated media organisation and recognised leader in global entertainment based in London.

After graduating with a B.Eng (Honours) from the University of Limerick, Ireland, Gillian started her career in the world of mobile, which included roles in sales and engineering for mobile businesses mBlox, PrimeCarrier and Logica. A self-confessed ‘gymaholic’, Gillian’s success is down to her natural charisma and her commercial ability to not only spot an opportunity, but to turn that opportunity into a viable business prospect.

Gillian’s extensive industry knowledge that she has built up over the last 15 years, combined with her renowned reputation in all things mobile, social and online, has led her to be a highly sought-after commentator, speaker, panelist and judge at a wide variety of industry events.