Declan Pettit
Director, MCP Insight Ltd,

Declan is Commercial Director of MCP. He has specialised in the technology sector for the past 20 years, having previously worked in the City for 10 years as a Director of a Political Risks brokerage. Prior to that he received a first class honours degree in Business Studies at University of Limerick, Ireland. Areas of expertise include: Internet Compliance , Fraud Blocking solutions, Mobile Payment Solutions, Mobile apps/Wireless messaging solutions into Network Operators, CRM/Digital Content solutions into the Retail sector and Mobile marketing campaigns for major brands. Declan is also Founder/Director of ETX (UK) Ltd, which ran GoVerifyit (an on-line purchase verification tool) before it was taken over by MCP and rebranded MCP Verify together with their compliance suite: MCP Scanner, MCP Shield and MCP Trends.

Previous directorships have included zamano Ltd (subsidiary of zamano PLC) Fenchurch Insurance Brokers Ltd

  • Skype: declanpettit1