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Cytech Mobile was founded in 2001 and, since then, it has been providing software solutions to the messaging and mobile payments market, translating business needs into technology. Cytech is a one-stop mobile technology powerhouse and in 2006 launched its white label business platform, mCore.

mCore was built from scratch by Cytech’s development team and is the trusted messaging and mobile payments platform for companies in 15+ countries.

Regarding the VAS and Mobile Payments industry, mCore offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that can cover all the market needs for an aggregator or content provider.  Some of the main features of the white label platform are the following: 

  • Mobile payments services via PSMS and DCB
  • Specifically designed and implemented mobile payments API (subscription management)
  • Off-the-shelf VAS templates for OTP, voting, surveys etc
  • Flexible VAS services creation engine that can support any service scenario
  • Built-in Gateway with powerful rule based SMS management and routing
  • Built-in SMSPP server and client
  • Various APIs available for interconnection with MNOs, aggregators and clients

mCore, being developed entirely by Cytech’s in-house development team, is continuously upgraded with new features and modules in order to stay in sync with the new developments of the market. Also, Cytech and its development team are always available to customize the platform in order to meet its partner’s needs to the max.

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The latest module addition in the mCore suite is a Business Intelligence tool, called mCore Dashboards. It gives the partner a real time, in depth, analytical and multipurpose insight of his mobile business traffic and revenues. It uses data mining techniques and machine learning, and also includes alerting capabilities in order to help the platform owner keep track of critical events and abnormal situations.

Cytech’s team is always available to present the platform and its capabilities, as well as to discuss how the platform can satisfy the needs of any specific company of the VAS and Mobile Payments industry. Book a demo here.