Operating in the digital world is very competitive. It’s not enough to just be present in marketing; you need to create your campaigns with a plan formed together with good decisions. This is where Cosmik Ltd. comes in.

Our network is an assortment of the top publishers and Advertisers alike and our job is to ensure that we match these together to get the best for our clients, Our job is to make you money. When you’ve created your campaign with us, you can present your brand and product with a collection of dependable affiliates. We’re not just here to drive sales, our system will help with the implementation of a variety of other campaigns, irrespective of whether you are aiming to improve branding, increase site visitors or collect leads.

Producing an effective marketing scheme is essential whether you are just getting your company online or you have previously established your affiliate program, our expert team can aid you to create a strategy that tackles your individual marketing strategy and objectives to ultimately achieve sustainable online growth for your business.

If you have traffic and don’t know how to monetise then you should be speaking to us – Unlike a lot of other networks we have a number of our own Direct Offers Worldwide which can be personalised to suit your traffic profiles. We can work on CPI, CPL and CPA and have some of the best eCPMs in the market.

Main Sales Contact:
James McAteer
CEO Cosmik Ltd
Tel: +44-7947-650759
Email: moc.1720899162dtl-k1720899162imsoc1720899162@sema1720899162J1720899162Skype: jamseybhoy

For advertisers:
Contact: Maya Popow
Email: moc.d1720899162tl-ki1720899162msoc@1720899162ayaM1720899162

For Publishers:
Contact: Luiza Coptilet
Email: moc.d1720899162tl-ki1720899162msoc@1720899162aziuL1720899162