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Markets: Charities

Callcom are delighted to be at this year’s World Telemedia event; promoting their innovative new GrSWITCH product – which is a high tech soft-switch; specifically designed to manage IPRS and wholesale voice traffic. Callcom has actually been around the “Telemedia” industry for many years and has something of a “diamond in the rough” reputation! But this means we have the “brains” to provide expert phone solutions and the “heart” to be totally committed to your success. So please make sure you meet us at Mini Lounge 41 and meet a proven [Telemedia] telecom specialists that develops technology that’s simple to use and highly dependable. We’re looking forward to meeting international promoter that need to take control of their traffic so we can provide an international business support system that you can rely – on to maintain a stable and organized voice network.

Contact Rino Ciotta at hc.mo1623796503cllac1623796503@ofni1623796503