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Melodi brings you The Worlds Largest Library of STEM Based Educational Content for VR & WebXR

By October 18, 2021October 21st, 2021No Comments

Just in time for World Telemedia, Melodi is delighted to announce a global partnership with Dev Clever Holdings to bring “The Worlds Largest Library of STEM Based Educational Content for VR & WebXR” to market as a B2C mobile subscription service.

The platform offers thousands of hours of content and more than 550 immersive learning experiences streamed to mobile, desktop and VR devices with a wide range of educational topics ranging from Learning a Second Language, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Engineering Educational Tours and much more.

With a growing demand for curriculum aligned mobile and immersive learning content to provide additional recourses and supplemental STEM learning around the world, Dev Clever have signed a global partnership with Melodi Media to launch this to market as a mobile subscription service. Students’ will be able to create a learning profile and access grade relevant STEM aligned learning modules and record their progress and achievements in their own personal dashboard. This dashboard can then be used to demonstrate their achievements and understanding of STEM based knowledge and will support future job, apprenticeship, or further education applications in addition to their school achievement. Parents will also be able to access the student’s dashboard to view their individual progress and offer help and support throughout their child’s development.

Get in touch with the Melodi team and they will be delighted to share more details about this exciting product.