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Content & services – Which? Where? How?

Premium video content is seeing a notable revival in 2022! There is a sense of optimism in the air after the pandemic, a feeling of goodwill, and ‘making hay whilst the sun shines’.

After years of pioneering sales of telemedia content services (VAS), based on a relatively narrow set of profitable verticals, we are seeing an evolution and maturity with Telemedia service providers.

The objectives appear to be shifting to solutions and services that are more customer and interest centric. Instead of designing services based solely on what Telcos suggest, we are seeing, with the convergence of web and mobile,  broadening payment, subscription and content acquisition models that focus on targeted entertainment verticals in order to increase both subscription acquisition and longevity.

And, with DCB, credit card and other seamless / alternative payment helping to drive conversation rates, just look at the sheer scale of what online merchants, brands, publishers, and affiliates are now successfully promoting.

And it’s all being showcased 19-21 at World Telemedia 2022, Marbella, Spain.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome back Julia Dimambro, MD of Seriously Fresh Media who will be sharing content insights during our opening panel – CONTENT & SERVICES – WHICH? WHERE? HOW? (16:15 Wed 19th)

Put the session in your calendar and make a date with Julia by connecting with her @ the 8.1 / WT22 Exhibition Hall, then get face to face with the “queen of content” at the show.

500+ delegates have already registered and they connecting / doing business right now! So, don’t get left behind, register today @