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Conference Spotlight on: Driving Sales Through Payment Innovations

By September 20, 2023No Comments

Over the past few years more consumers than ever have been downloading apps and subscribing to premium digital content and value-added/streaming services. Across the board, DCB and other mobile payment solutions clearly appeal to consumers, but pockets of resistance from merchants and operators continue to threaten sustained growth. So, what are we going to do about that? And where in the world should Telemedia PSPs be focussing their attentions and investments?

Panellist Devajeet Datta, Digital Services Manager – API Investment & Digital Services – Zain Group
Panellist James Campbell, DCB Partnership Manager – SportLocker
Panellist Gary Corbett, Chairman – Oxygen8 Group
Panellist Bernd Pichler, Sales Executive – DIMOCO Payments  
Chair Paul Skeldon, Editor In Chief – Telemedia Magazine  

Join our esteemed panel as we delve into these questions and more at the WT23 Conference Spotlight sessions.
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