During the show we cover off the essential issues that will help to you create a robust commercial platform to secure your existing business and gear up to capitalise on future commercial opportunities..

  • CRM & the cost of complaints
  • Customer flows
  • Legal issues & regulation
  • Performance marketing issues
  • MNO & affiliates
  • Refunds & debt recovery
  • Optimising global advertising


Panel discussions & Q&A (no PPTs)
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Talking To Consumers – Messaging & Engagment In The Spotlight

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Merchants that engage in two-way chat see a 26% rise in customer value – improving retention, relationships and ultimately generating more sales. So as conversational (messaging) commerce becomes the buzz word for telemedia engagement, what does an effective messaging strategy look like and what essential services should you expect from your platform provider?

  • Is SMS on the way out or are you missing a huge potential opportunity?
  • Optimising engagement, sales revenue & retention
  • Messaging happy multi-channel customers in a language they can understand.
  • Rich messaging linked to payments is here – are you onboard yet?
  • Conversational Commerce – it’s time to personalise and contextualise
  • Is the “X-as-a-Service + Customer Data Platform” model the future of messaging?
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How Are Consumers Paying? Billing In The Spotlight

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Throughout 2020 more consumers than ever have been downloading apps and subscribing to premium digital content and value-added/streaming services. Across the board, DCB and other mobile payment solutions clearly appeal to consumers, but pockets of resistance from merchants and operators continue to threaten sustained growth. So what are we going to do about it?

  • Payment solutions, applications & business models that are “nailing it”
  • How can we overcome merchant and operator resistance?
  • Is linking mobile authentication to direct banking the next big thing?
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Payment Security 360°

Fraud is rampant in the growing market of payments. What are main threat vectors in payments? How do you mitigate the risks and deliver peace of mind and a frictionless customer experience? Antifraud professionals discuss what the industry needs to do next to maintain its growth trajectory and consumer trust.

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Sadly, fraud continues to be rampant within our growing payments market. What are the main threat vectors in payments? How do you deliver a frictionless customer experience whilst mitigating the risks and deliver peace of mind? Antifraud experts discuss what the industry must do next in order to continue growing whilst maintaining consumer trust.

  • Learn about what types of fraud are really pervading markets globally right now
  • Understand the real impact fraud has on payment channels
  • Hear from industry professionals how to mitigate the risks
  • See how it is possible to deliver both peace of mind and a great frictionless customer experience at the same time
Services: Carrier Billing, Credit Card, Crytpo Currency, Cyber Security, E-Money, Fraud, Messaging, Mobile, Regulation, Security
Markets: Banking, Entertainment, Finance, Gambling, Games, Leisure, Retail, Ticketing, Transport, Web Services
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