During the show we’ll focus on strategies for growth and consider which vertical markets will respond best to the continued advances our industry is making with innovate mobile content, payment, and engagement solutions.

  • DCB & VAS market research / data
  • New Verticals for VAS, content & Apps    
  • Retail & e-money 
  • Messaging Opportunities  
  • Ticketing, Vouchers & Couponing
  • 5G & The Consumer
  • New Markets for Voice 


Panel discussions & Q&A (no PPTs)
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Where Do Your Customers Live? Markets In The Spotlight

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Merchants and brands will be aware of the substantial telemedia opportunities in mature markets, but what about the emergence of Latin America? Demand for mobile entertainment and digital content services have reached staggering proportions and there are clearly huge potential profits to be made. However, strong local partnerships are key to understanding the many cultural and commercial differences across this vast region.    

  • Which LATAM countries should be on your business travel itinerary in 2022?
  • Key ROI variables for your commercial strategy – culture, geography & service
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Acquiring More Customers – Marketing In The Spotlight

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There’s no doubt that affiliate marketing and mobile advertising have been the primary tools for promoting mobile content, mVAS and apps. However, will issues over privacy and fraud require the industry to rethink its approach to marketing and what new digital channels are now open for advertisers?

  • Will messaging platforms compete with traditional media channels?
  • In game advertising hype or hyper for onboarding new customers
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What Are Consumers Buying? Content & VAS In The Spotlight

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Telemedia is now an integral part of the mobile content ecosystem, and an essential driver that enables 2.9BN smartphone users to consume an endless world of premium, engaging, billable content across the globe. Whilst many traditional services remain viable, this session reveals the content and service innovations that unlock the revenue potential of today’s “always-on”, multi device consumer.

  • What are the fastest growing verticals – don’t get left behind
  • So, you see the potential of gaming, but how about eSports?
  • Virtual reality services aren’t the future, they’re here now – are you?
  • Are you gambling on gambling or is it a safe bet for telemedia?
  • Why are you lukewarm on streaming services – they’re red hot!
  • Key ROI variables for your commercial strategy – culture, geography & service
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