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World Telemedia Marbella 2019

Amadha Join World Telemedia

By July 3, 2019January 12th, 2020No Comments

As more and more “on the move” high tech consumers expect to receive and pay for premium content on their mobile phones – it’s essential to work with partners that have the experience and expertise to understand what actually converts. One of the most unique aspects of telemedia is the ability to create digital content and service propositions that do just exactly that. The telemedia industry has always had a firm footing in the micro payment space but in recent years the focus has also broadened. This dynamic sector now clearly links creative distribution and affiliate marketing techniques as the third all-important element to driving sales of VAS and helping content owners and brands to digitise, mobilise and monetise their assets.

No surprise then that the latest exhibitor to join #worldtelemedia is the Italian mobile service provider Amadha ( – who offer creation, distribution and monetisation of digital mobile entertainment content across Europe.
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