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A New Name with a Very Familiar Face – Global Premium Telecom

By September 27, 2021No Comments

In the beginning there was just phones – and people used to call each other – A LOT!!! There was no “www” and only USS Enterprise gave mobiles to their employees. How on earth did we survive?

Very VERY well as it turned out – because that’s where revenue share models on good old telephone traffic – became a “kick-ass” PRS business! The industry erupted and international professionals from across the globe began their annual pilgrimage to World Telemedia. And they’re still doing it today because, believe it or not – Premium Rates Services are alive and well and being traded in huge volumes at the Gran Melia Don Pepe, Marbella 13-15 Oct.  

And that’s why we’re absolutely delighted to welcome yet another brand-new exhibitor; Global Premium Telecom (GPT) 

Formerly part of the mighty Telserv, GPT now operate domestic PRS with 20+ network operators for hundreds of clients across the globe. Whilst Telserv focused on wholesale numbering in PRS and DIDs/GEOs and became part of Messagebird, GPT separated out to focus purely on launching innovative PRS products and applications for their resellers and content providers.

Connect with CEO Roy Perlot and Jorrit Koop at and get face to face in Marbella. This pure play specialist has got an amazing range of new IVR products that consumers are absolutely loving. And you’re going to love GPT’s service levels, processes and out payments!

“As the incoming team for GPT, we are excited to meet existing and new partners IN PERSON!! Feel free to get in touch and set up a meeting via moc.m1716357981ocele1716357981tmuim1716357981erpla1716357981bolg@1716357981tirro1716357981j1716357981. Connect at 8.1 or just drop by and say hello at our Hot Desk:

  • 15:00 – 18:00 13th Oct (during opening “Meet Market”
  • 12 noon – 18:00 14th OctSays

Roy Perlot, who very kindly signs off … ”Connect @8.1 get face to face @WT21”